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Introducing SpirtHack: unique assistance software for Counter-Strike 2, featuring extensive functionality and easy customization, as well as fast and responsive technical support.
Advanced Legitbot
Our legitbot contains all modern features and settings.
Configurable Visuals
You can fully customize visuals to your taste, we have a huge number of options that you may like.
Convenient Website
You can buy a subscription, freeze it, and reset HWID directly on our website.
Responsive Support
Our support team is always available to answer your questions and help you with any issues you may have.
We Listen to Users
Got an interesting suggestion? Or a bug report? Feel free to contact us!


Smart aimbot
Smart aimbot that is easily and quickly customizable, including an intuitively configurable aim assist and other finely tuned settings of your choice.
Customizable visuals
We offer a wide range of visual features to help you customize the game beyond recognition.
Cloud Radar
Got friends who haven't bought our software yet? Send them a link to the Cloud Radar which they can open on their phone and see where the enemies are!
Add any items to your inventory! Open cases, apply stickers, personalize your inventory as you wish.
Most features in our software can be controlled using hotkeys. Quickly change your settings on the fly!
OBS bypass
Our software is not visible on recording and streaming programs (except for Chams and Effects).

Buy the software

7 Days
~ 2.3 USD
199 RUB
15 Days
~ 4.6 USD
399 RUB
30 Days
~ 5.8 USD
499 RUB
Supported payment systems:
Visa, MasterCard, MIR
Minimal requirements:
Windows 10/11 1803+ x64. Some anti-cheats and anti-viruses may interfere with our software, in this case, disabling them may be required. Constantly active internet connection is required.
Automated purchase. Immediately after payment you can download the software in your account.