Turn the device into portrait mode
Introducing Spirthack - unique cheat made by russian developers, providing huge functionality and easy setup, with fast and friendly support team.
Advanced legitbot
Our aimbot contains all modern functions and settings. Its really easy and quick to set up!
Configurable visuals
You can easily set up visuals depending on your own taste
Comfortable site
You can buy a subscription, freeze it or reset your HWID directly from your account
Responsive support
Our support team is always ready to answer to all your questions and help you with any difficulties
VAC bypass
Due to our code mutation technology, chance to get VAC is close to zero. Our build system makes new build every minute, you can check it here: https://t.me/spirtsec
Open to the community
Have any intresting idea? Bug report? Contact us!


Cloud radar
Your friends still doesn't have our cheat? Send them link to Spirthack Cloud Radar so they can see almost all enemy moves in their phone's browser.
Add any item to your CS:GO inventory and pick them in game. Other SpirtHack users will also be able to see your skins!
Smart aimbot
Smart aimbot which is easy and quick to set up. It's not necessary to tweak "FOV" and "Smooth" manually if you don't want to, you can just set the "level of legitimacy".
Absolutely any option of our cheat can be turned on or off by keys on keyboard. You can assign single press or long press of any key on your keyboard to toggle any function you need.
You can hit the enemy, shooting towards the point where he was <200 ms ago. Aimbot is fully compatible with this function.
Change ranks, write red messages and make error spam. You can also open 1000 windows on any player's csgo client in the lobby!
Little games which can make your warmup or timeout more enthralling :)
OBS bypass
Our cheat will be completely invisible in streaming apps (such as OBS or xsplit)

Buy the cheat

30 Days
15 Days
3.5 USD
7 Days
2.2 USD
Supported payment systems:
WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi.
Automated purchase. Immediately after payment you can download the cheat in your account.