Turn the device into portrait mode

Can I share my account with someone?

Unfortunately not, our software is tied to your computer.

Which operating systems do you support?

We only support 64-bit Windows 10/11 build 1803 and newer.

When will I get access to the subscription after purchase?

Immediately after payment, we have a fully automated system.

The game has been updated, and the software no longer works.

Usually, our software works without problems after the game update, but in the case of major updates, fixes may be needed, which we will try to implement as soon as possible.

Is there a free trial available?

We do not offer a free trial.

Error 0xc0000022 "Access Denied", what do I do?

This error means that some program is blocking the our injector. This usually happens due to antiviruses, in this case, they need to be removed, as simple disabling may not be enough.

I'm having problems with the software, what should I do?

Write to us in technical support or in the VK group.